About Jay Feitlinger

In 2010, Arizona entrepreneur Jay Feitlinger launched his 8th company: StringCan Interactive, a digital marketing agency. StringCan, with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Paris, France, drives business growth for multi-location businesses by attracting, converting and retaining their most profitable customers.

StringCan Interactive

Jay has been married for 15 years and is raising two daughters with his wife Rachel. Applying the StringCan “connect smart” approach to work-life balance, Jay found himself asking, “Why can’t we connect better when engaging with family members and grow our own family relationships?” Like most families, Jay and his family have their challenges—most of which are tied to communication.

Feitlinger Family Hiking

Jay used what has worked well in his businesses to identify how he could strengthen his own family. Jay ultimately transformed business best practices into a four-day, family-friendly retreat. While on this retreat, his family talked about respect, reflected on the past year ups and downs, established family goals for the coming year, and of course—had a lot of fun together. As a result, his family, and others who have completed the process, have never been stronger! This amazing transformation inspired Jay to write his first book, Family 2.0.

family 2.0 book

For entrepreneurs and business executives who desire more out of their family lives, Jay shares his Family 2.0 retreat process in this book. He shares the challenges he faced balancing family and work, along with the solutions he has created, in order to help other entrepreneurs, thrive in their personal lives as well.

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