Entrepreneurs! Why Exercise Helps Everything


When your life is (quite literally) all about your business, you know you’re a bona fide entrepreneur. You eat, sleep, and breathe your work, planning each day around creating the best product you can offer to your customers and carving out precious time for family and friends. But what about exercise? Taking time for yourself, […]

What’s Your 4-1-1? Craft the Formula to Live Your Priorities [Guest Post]

JP and Erin Dahdah Family Calendaring 2017

I arrived a few minutes late to meet my friend for a scheduled dinner to catch up. After we settled in to our booth my friend asks “how are things going?” Still feeling a bit rushed, I tried to take a breath and responded with my standard, short, auto pilot response “things are good man, […]

How to Deal with Stress – Use Gratitude

deal with stress

When balancing work and family life, it’s normal to have the occasional bad day, or maybe it’s dayssssss. Unfortunately, during stressful times in life, those difficult days can string together and have a more long term impact on our health and relationships. Stress can cause irritability and shortness of temper, even when speaking with your […]

Setting Goals For Success In Three Steps

setting goals

We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. Maybe yours is to run a marathon, retire early, start a business, publish a book, or find true love. But it’s commonly known that without goals, dreams are like clouds; they stay up in the air, pretty, filmy and unreachable. So what is the secret to setting goals, […]