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Just as body, mind, and spirit combine to make a whole human being, each person’s life is made up of vital components that need attention to thrive; work, play, love, and health. If any of these vital components is ignored, the others will suffer. Notably, since multitasking became a “thing,” busy corporate culture encourages us to accomplish more, create more, and work harder, all while trying it make it look easy. With the global rise of technology (and seeming simplification of almost every conceivable task) the new buzzwords in circulation are stress and depression. In fact, both of these are considered treatable medical conditions, but cost American workers millions of dollars each year in medications to suppress the by-products of these two conditions.

To avoid becoming another stress statistic, try these quick and easy stress-relieving tips you can do right now:

  1. A quick walk. Get up from your desk and take the most circuitous route to the restroom, break room, or lobby. Count your steps as you go, or stop and say a quick hello to a coworker.
  2. Add a few plants to your work area. Living greenery is a non-stop stress reliever. A good friend, Shawn Leonard from Collabtech gave me a money tree when we moved in to our new office and I love the life it gives to the area. Plants filter the air you breathe and gives an auto-connect to “mother nature.” With a flowering variety, you’ll be able to periodically stop and smell the roses. Instant aromatherapy!
  3. Clear your desk. Although you may be one of those individuals who prides themselves on the stack of papers strewn in haphazard heaps across your desk and still being able to find each document, you’ll find yourself breathing a sigh of relief when you can actually see your desk.
  4. Break the monotony. Does office drab describe your office or work area? Liven up your environment with some colorful and eye-appealing areas. Color affects mood, so surround yourself with some inspiring artwork. Better yet, bring your markers and take a creative break by coloring in a book or make your own artwork!
  5. List your priorities. When overwhelmed at work, it’s often due to multitasking. Taking a few minutes to list your priorities with a pen and paper is good, but checking them off, one-by-one, is exhilarating!
  6. Refocus. If you’ve been staring at a monitor for several hours, your eyes will be aching for a different focus. Your brain might need a reboot, as well. Working a crossword, sudoku, or word search puzzle will be a refreshing break.
  7. Nix afternoon carbs. Try drinking your afternoon break instead. The “PM slump” is the perfect time for a fruit smoothie or other drinkable snack. You’ll have more energy for the rest of the day and find the vitamin boost a healthy stress-reliever.
  8. Find your niche. Afternoons are the perfect time to take that quick walk while focusing for a few moments on your favorite activity. Don’t have a hobby? There are literally thousands of hobbies, crafts, sports, outdoor activities and events available in every city in the U.S.
  9. Desk exercises. When your brain needs a break, focus on chair squats, tightening core muscles, practicing arm and leg raises. You can get in a good, relaxing stretch and exercise session without getting out of your chair. Your swollen ankles and better mood will thank you!
  10. Count your blessings. The phrase an attitude of gratitude still is a prevalent and relevant one. While you might smile and roll your eyes, it’s true. Concentrate on the things you’re grateful for (health, family, pets, home, job). Focus on the happy things!

Practicing all or even just a few of these quick fixes are guaranteed stress-relievers. Say, “Ahhh…” and enjoy less stress today! I’d love to hear from you and what you do to reduce stress in your life!

Jay Feitlinger is a serial entrepreneur who is the Founder and CEO of digital marketing agency StringCan Interactive - his eighth company - with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Paris, France. As a business owner, husband and father of two lovely pre-teen girls, he intimately understands how entrepreneurial pursuits can take a toll on the most intimate relationships in your life.

He is the author of Family 2.0 which draws on Jay’s personal experience from 15 years of marriage and 17 years of executive leadership, and offers a roadmap to help entrepreneurs get aligned with their families again. Based on proven business best practices, the book outlines a four-day, family-friendly retreat that can be customized to work for any family. After following the process, transformation is all but inevitable.

In addition to running StringCan Interactive and helping entrepreneurs strengthen their families through Family 2.0, Jay is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a highly respected speaker, mentor and advisor.

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